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the pre-order program

join us on our latest production run in Kumano, Japan and enjoy wholesale pricing.

up to $200 off our full collection.

each brush is meticulously handcrafted
by master artisans in Kumano, Japan.

last chance to save.

for those who missed our Kickstarter production run, we’re introducing the pre-order program for a limited time so you can reserve your brushes ahead of time at wholesale prices.

brushes reserved today will arrive in December for the holidays.

while supplies last.

creative 1

the core collection

designed for: extreme versatility

creative 1

available in Dec 2019 - $168.00

5 do-it-all brushes that will instantly elevate your makeup experience in a luxurious way.

crafted in our signature matte black handles.

PROMO - 40% OFF if you pre-order today.

bespoke collection

designed for: personalization.

creative 1

available in Dec 2019 - $272.00

a collection of unique shapes that will allow you to customize the capabilities of the core set and make it your own.

packed with PRO features:

- specialized shapes

- longer & tapered handles

- silver & glossy black look with minimal branding

PROMO - 40% OFF if you pre-order today.

core & bespoke collection

our best offer yet.

creative 1

available in Dec 2019 - $440.00

all 14 brushes in our collection.

by far the most popular option during our Kickstarter campaign.

PROMO - $200 OFF if you pre-order today.

need help deciding?

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