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a new approach to luxury beauty.

the company name rephr comes from the word "reference", in that we use community input & feedback as a reference point to design beauty products.

over the last 12 months, we've traveled across US & Canada and met with thousands of pro artists and beauty enthusiasts with the goal of answering one question:

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we traveled across US & Canada to meet with pro artists and beauty enthusiasts to learn more about the beauty industry.

we quickly noticed a trend where brands are trying to convince consumers that they need several brushes for each specific application: the brow set, the eye set, the complexion set, the sculpting set, and the list goes on.

people's brush collection keeps on growing, but there's a severe lack of quality and performance.

so with no pre-conceived notions of what makes a perfect makeup brush (since we've never used one before), we did what engineers are trained to do - listen to the community and collect data.

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to fix the problem with makeup brushes, we launched a prototype program on Dec 1, 2018 and began testing brushes with the community.

our goal was simple - to design the world's best collection of makeup brushes.

made in kumano each brush is meticulously handcrafted in Kumano, Japan - the world's capital of brush making.

each brush is handmade in KUMANO, JAPAN by master artisans using the finest materials and takes 2-4 months as they obsess over every single detail.


since the launch of our prototype program, we've received over 4,500 feedback & input entries from people around the world. with their feedback, we began designing brushes.

ks attempt failed

our very first brush set performed beautifully. but just like most brands on the market today, our initial attempt contained far too many brushes in our set. As engineers who loved efficiency, we were not satisfied with the idea that a person needs 12 brushes to do beautiful makeup.

too many brushes

our initial brush set performed wonderfully, but it contained too many brushes. as engineers who loved efficiency, we weren't satisfied with the idea that a person needs 12 brushes to do beautiful makeup

the secret is obvious in hindsight - design versatile brushes.

after 3 more months of testing, we've come up with a solution - instead of having one brush for each makeup application, we designed versatile brushes that excel in doing multiple things extremely well.

this was made possible by refining shapes of each brush, as well as altering the density, volume and types of bristles. the end result is our core collection.

ks core collection

3 months later, we found the solution - design versatile brushes that can do multiple things extremely well.

ks core 5

the core collection - our flagship product

5 do-it-all brushes that you’ll keep reaching for every single day - a set of brushes that will perform any look to perfection and is all you'll need to immediately take your makeup experience to the next level.

rather than creating a brush for each specific application, we intentionally kept our core collection lean and efficient with multi-purpose tools that will conform to your creativity.

Brush 01

brush 01 - a versatile eye brush for applying base colour, crease work, general blending, nose highlight, nose contour, brow highlight, concealer. capable of doing an entire eye look on its own.

Brush 02

brush 02 - a high density shader that packs on intense pigments like no other. add colour on lower lash line, define outer V with darker shade, darken lash line with tapered edge and capable of a quick smokey eye. an essential brush for colourful eye looks.

brush 03 - a small but mighty pencil brush capable of maximum precision in the most delicate areas. highlight inner V, define lower lash line, pinpoint concealing, smokey liner. the highest rated eye brush in our entire collection.

Brush 04

brush 04 - the ultimate contour cheek brush. designed for precise and efficient contouring, but also works wonderfully for blush, highlight and foundation. a classic shape that's been re-invented with many talents.

Brush 05

brush 05 - the pinnacle of all face brushes. incredibly versatile and luxuriously soft. precision engineered to contour, blush, highlight, foundation, bronzer, cream blush and powder. if you could only have 1 face brush from now on, this would be it.

core collection

the core collection will be in-stores for $168 in December for the holiday season. To thank the community for helping us perfect the collection, we're inviting everyone to join our product run at wholesale pricing.

40% off - the core collection

coming in-stores in December for the holiday season for a retail price of $168. production will begin in August and will take approximately 2-4 months since each brush is handmade by master artisans in KUMANO, JAPAN.

to thank the beauty community for helping us test & perfect our brush collection, we're opening up our production run and taking orders today at wholesale pricing. If you join our production run, your order will be prioritized in queue over our own inventory and be delivered to your door before we hit the retail stores.

ks core set
ks core set 2

the core collection is the answer to a question we had when we first began our journey a year ago: "just how many brushes does a person need?". As engineers that love efficiency, our hypothesis was that incredible and effortless makeup can be achieved with just a few well-crafted brushes.

we also learned that makeup brushes is one of the most personal aspects of the beauty experience, in that everyone’s facial features and preferences are unique.

ks bespoke collection

the bespoke collection - make it your own

the bespoke collection is not designed to be a brush set in itself. rather, each brush in the collection is designed to address specific pain points that’s been brought to our attention from the community.

for example, brush 14 and 15 are designed specifically for people with “hooded eyes”.

the bespoke collection is an ever-growing portfolio of unique shapes that will allow you to substitute/replace/add to your core collection to truly make it your own and have it conform to your own unique preferences and creativity.

bespoke collection

the bespoke collection

like the core collection, each brush in the bespoke collection is designed with input & feedback from our community. upon its introduction in the prototype program, it was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback, especially from professional artists. this is why you’ll see several pro features in its handles:

  • longer and tapered handles; ergonomically optimized for working on clients.
  • permanent brush numbers lasered near the ferrule so it’s always visible in your brush holder and never rubs off.
  • minimal branding; classic silver and glossy black combination with a subtle logo ensures these brushes are compatible with brand-free environments that pros often find themselves in.

build your own set by selecting brushes from the core collection as well as the bespoke collection. duplicates are allowed!


build your own set by selecting brushes from the core collection as well as the bespoke collection. duplicates are allowed!