what does rephr mean and how did this all start?

rephr [re-fer] is derived from the word reference, in that we rely on community input and feedback to design high quality products.

12 months ago, we sat down with hundreds of artists, pros and people who are obsessed with quality to understand one thing: 

what's broken in the beauty industry right now and how do we not only fix it, but take it to a whole new level?

a pattern quickly emerged: turns out that most brushes on the market are not very good, and the good ones are either very expensive or difficult to get.

what's unique about rephr brushes?

we're a beauty company by 3 engineers who know absolutely nothing about makeup.

with no preconceived notions of what makes the perfect makeup brush (since we've never used one before), we did the only thing that made sense at that point: listen to the community.

through our prototype program, thousands of pro artists and beauty enthusiasts have tested our products and gave us detailed input and feedback.

what we end up with is a collection of brushes that's luxuriously soft, yet at the same time functional and performant, all at a sensible price point.

how do I buy your brushes?

after 12 months of testing, we're ready to close our prototype program and launch our brush line on kickstarter.com on June 10, 2019. 

stay tuned for an email from us!

where are your brushes made?

each brush is handcrafted in Kumano, Japan by master artisans using natural goat hair, brass ferrules and hornbeam wood handles.

what are the best ways to clean the brushes?

gentle soap with warm water, careful not to let water seep into the brass ferrule. for spot cleaning, use a clean dry towel or soft tissue to get rid of pigment. 

what is a prototype, and how do I get one for testing?

we develop all of our brushes based on feedback from the community. Since the launch of our prototype program in Dec 2018, thousands have tested our brushes and provided feedback. 

we're now ready to release our final lineup on kickstarter.com, available June 10.