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rèphr was founded with the idea that products designed by the people can rival those created by industry experts. to that end, there's a single principle that drives everything we do, which is that every rèphr product should always be a true reflection of what people want.

when we first began crowdsourcing design input on our brushes, it immediately became clear that the best brushes on the planet were handmade in Japan. However, Japanese brushes are infamously expensive, and the key insight is that people wanted quality Japanese brushes at a price point that's affordable not only for the wealthy, but accessible to everyone who loves makeup.

our solution to that problem is the concept store - a place where anyone can access our brushes at reduced prices as long as they're committed to providing honest feedback. we designed the concept store this way as it not only allows customers to get our brushes at low prices, but also enables us to never stop listening to the community and keep creating better products.

as many of you may know, one of the key challenges to the concept store is we're frequently out of stock. This is a common problem for small companies like ours that can only afford to produce small quantities of brushes at once. another side effect is we don't get access to the volume discounts that larger brands would typically enjoy by ordering large quantities of inventory at a time.

for reasons listed above, there's only one feasible and sustainable way for us to keep prices low at the moment, which is to dedicate all of our financial resources to just a few brushes at a time. This way, we can produce enough brushes to satisfy demand as well as hit the production levels our supplier requires to provide volume discounts.

what this means practically, is we need the community's help to decide which brushes to produce in large quantites and feature in the concept store. In fact, we started taking votes late June and the results are in - the majority of you want to see full brush sets in the concept store, which has never been done before. specifically, most of you voted for the core collection, which features the community favourite brush 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05.

we're extremely excited to announce that we're going to feature the core collection for the very first time in the concept store, where it will be significantly discounted. while this is a large shipment and we're making as many brushes as we can, there's no guarantee that there's enough for everyone. We encourage those who are interested to sign up here to be notified when the core set does become available.

our long term vision is to be able to offer every single one of our products in our concept store so everyone can have access to high quality products at sensible prices. It may take a few years for us to get there and we're extremely grateful for your support.


founder at rèphr


based on community voting, the core collection is now featured in our concept store with one of our largest discounts yet. order now