the holiday set (classic)

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designed for those with a taste for the classic and timeless. this holiday classic set includes all 14 brushes from our launch and is crafted with a classic silver ferrule, glossy black tapered handle & features minimal branding.

handcrafted by master artisans in Japan.

$200 off for the holiday season and comes with a complimentary P22 bronzer brush.

  • brush 01 - our best-selling do-it-all blending brush.
  • brush 02 - a versatile high-density shader that will pack on shadow like no other.
  • brush 03- the pro-favourite pencil brush.
  • brush 04 - angled cheek brush that's optimized for contour, blush and foundation.
  • brush 05 - our most popular multi-purpose cheek brush
  • brush 12 - a small but mighty smudge brush.
  • brush 13, 14, 15 & 16 - a collection of blending crease brushes that have been meticulously calibrated for optimal performance & precision.
  • brush 17 - a dense & powerful flat-top brush for precision foundation and blush.
  • brush 18 - our best-selling highlight brush.
  • brush 19 - an all around multi-purpose cheek brush for natural looks.
  • brush 20 - for controlled application of highlight and contour.
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