the core collection (production run)

5 do-it-all brushes that will instantly elevate your makeup experience in a luxurious way.

handcrafted by master artisans in Japan using natural uncut goat hair.

  • brush 01 - the community's favourite do-it-all blending brush.
  • brush 02 - a versatile high-density shader that will pack on shadow like no other.
  • brush 03- the pro-favourite pencil brush that achieves the impossible balance between softness and precision.
  • brush 04 - angled cheek brush that's optimized for contour, blush and foundation.
  • brush 05 - our flagship multi-purpose cheek brush.

PROMO - the core collection is available today at-cost because you gave us feedback on our brushes. it's okay to share this link with your friends, but we kindly ask that you don't post the link publicly. 

this is an invitation to join our upcoming production run, which will ship in 12-14 weeks. 

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not in a rush? order your brush bespoke by customizing the handle style and receive 2 brushes for the price of one.

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