brush 01

brush 01

the core collection

a luxurious multi-purpose eyeshadow brush designed for effortless shading, blending and buffing out concealers.

handmade in Kumano, Japan by master artisans.

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design journal

  • major revision #1

    increased the taper at the tip to enable ease of movement in the crease area. at the same time, maintained the integrity of the flat side for easy blending and layering color.

  • major revision #2

    increased bristle volume by 10% to achieve higher density and stiffness. this gives the ability to pick up with minimal fallout and pack on pigment, giving the brush a true multipurpose identity.

  • final

    a true multitasker that’s capable of putting on color, precision blending and crease work. soft bristles also perform well with cream products like concealers.

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